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Our farm started its economic activity at the beginning of the 1990s’.

Our activity is associated with reed harvesting. Due to the character of production and reed growing season, we work in winter months. The raw material which we manage to obtain is mostly dedicated to thatched roofing, but we also produce construction reed.

The material which has been reaped (harvested) is subsequently transported to our warehouses, where it undergoes a sorting process. Appropriately prepared bundles are packed into bales.

We do encourage to view our gallery which is dedicated to our production activities.

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Jagodno 2/4, 82-300 Elbląg 2
phone / fax 55 234 28 21
phone 55 234 93 81

The company’s registered office is situated in Jagodno,
a location on the bank of the Vistula Lagoon, at a distance of around
7 kilometres from the city of Elbląg, near the regional road no. 503.
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